Hello, my name is Dr. Teresa Coffman.  I am a Professor of Education at the University of Mary Washington.

Bus and UMW
Driving through Maryland, I caught a glimpse of UMW driving next to me …

This ePortfolio captures a glimpse of my professional accomplishments, both in and out of the classroom.  Here you can learn about my teaching philosophy, use of technology, and view a few of my additional activities.

I maintain close ties with the local school systems as well as with colleagues from around the globe. I serve on many college and university committees. I also participate in research and pedagogical projects with faculty, staff, and students throughout the university, the school systems, and neighboring colleges. My research focuses on pedagogy, professional development, and inquiry. I authored three books to date on incorporating inquiry and technology into pedagogy.

My goals for the courses I teach include engaging students in the process of inquiry around their content area, pedagogy, and student learning and achievement. I accomplish this by providing students opportunities for hands-on inquiry-based investigations of their own design, integrating technology tools (e.g. Web 2.0, mobile technologies, and emerging technologies), and authentic and relevant research.

I also encourage students to collaborate, cooperate, communicate, and share their new knowledge and skills in relevant ways. I want students to understand the nature of education, their own pedagogy, student learning through the process of inquiry, and most importantly, to enhance and continually develop skills to become globally literate citizens.

Students working through a problem

My research allows me to develop and integrate new and innovative methods to effectively engage and increase student learning to match course goals and objectives.  I received the Innovative Educator of the Year award from the Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) for innovative teaching practices. I have also received a graduate achievement award.

I have a passion for teaching and mentoring students as an educational advisor, in master research projects, and as practicing teachers. A number of students have worked with me and presented their findings at conferences and/or co-authored papers for peer-reviewed publications.  I look forward to each new semester and working with each student. Together we become better informed educators.