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I believe that teaching and learning are interrelated. This belief connects my work as a professor, researcher, writer, and presenter while also guiding my reflections. As a professor at the University of Mary Washington, I believe it is my role to support each student in every class and throughout the program to advance their personal quest to become an educator in today’s schools. Ultimately, each student has a personal journey of self-discovery and a personal responsibility. As educators, we continually make this journey throughout our careers. My role, in each of my classrooms, is to help provide a platform for students to better understand and act on this journey.

My classes are founded on social constructivism, brain-based learning, and the process of inquiry. My goal for each class is to continually develop and promote a community of learners in which all students feel safe and confident to share and learn from one another and teach one another. This includes, but is not limited to, listening to a variety of views and beliefs and at the same time critically considering how each view might best influence one’s own teaching practice.

I also believe it is my responsibility to encourage students to look outside of themselves, by connecting with other life-long learners and to continually improve as a learner and a teacher. I encourage my students to actively reflect on their own learning, revise, and expand their own learning throughout the semester, their program, and into their professional careers as educators within our schools.

I work at UMW because my values of community, diversity, and equity as well as my beliefs about the freedom to learn are at the core of my personal beliefs about teaching and learning. These values are at the center of the University’s mission as well as the mission of the College of Education. You can read this on each Syllabus within the College of Education and on the UMW Web site. See https://www.umw.edu/about/our-mission/ and https://education.umw.edu/deans-office/mission-statement/


Curriculum & Instruction

EDCI 500, Teaching and the Development of the Learner

EDCI 506, Foundations of American Education

EDCI 523, Managing the Classroom Environment: Elementary

EDCI 521, Managing the Classroom Environment: Middle/Secondary

EDCI 523, Managing the Classroom Environment

EDCI 526: Instructional Design and Assessment

EDCI 527: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

EDUC 351A, Curriculum Design and Assessment

EDUC 388, Managing an Elementary Classroom

Educational Research

EDCI 580, Introduction to Research

EDCI 589, Applied Research

EDCI 590, Individual Research

EDUC 524, Research and Curriculum Specialization: Instructional Technology

EDUC 530, Masters Research

Teacher Preparation

EDCI 550, M.Ed. Initial Licensure Internship

EDUC 536, Advanced Pedagogy Internship

EDUC 540, Initial Licensure Internship


FSEM 100, So You Think You Want to Be a Teacher? (Freshman Seminar)

FSEM 100, Learning with Inquiry: Exploration, Experimentation, and Play (Freshman Seminar)